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Powered Up Business Networking was started in late 2018 by Milo Dunne, a businessman from Ipswich, Suffolk.

The idea for Powered Up Business Networking started when a few local Suffolk and Essex based business people would meet up for a few drinks once a month. They were very informal and relaxed and were enjoyed by all.

However, after a while they started to die out which was down to lack of advertising and time on the organisers part. So it was decided to bring something more structured and of value to the table whilst still keeping the relaxed and informal of the previous meet up.

As a business owner, it’s not always easy to get out and meet up with other business owners and business professionals . So PUB Networking is a way of working but still socialising.

It is not always easy to get to a lot of business networking events, some start ridiculously early or are just not convenient for parents of young children. So, Milo wanted to get out once a month for a few drinks, knowing that he wasn’t the only business owner with school run duties and thus, decided to create something more organised.

The format of most networking events is very rigid and often, only about business. The speaker is looking to sell and you have to go through a 30 minute pitch, it can get quite tedious. The idea behind Powered Up Business Networking is to get the attendees to know each other, the actual people, not the businesses.

We want everyone to:

Meet other awesome businesses.
Build valuable relationships.
Learn relevant stuff.
Most importantly, have fun!

If you’re interested in one of our events, then please check out our events page.

Alternatively, you can also check our upcoming events directly on Eventbrite. Please click here to visit.